10 Essentials to Bring with You on an Interview

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Posted by Tessa McLean on April 22, 2013 at 10:03 AM

Going on an interview is incredibly stressful. You have to learn about the company, pick out an outfit, and make sure not to totally lose yourself and babble on for ten minutes about how your dog really helped shape who you are today. Make sure you have these 10 essentials with you on your interview and all you'll have to worry about is making a good impression!

1. Directions.Sure you have a smart phone, but what if you suddenly go into an area without service or your phone dies on the way to the interview? Familiarize yourself with the directions before you go and also have a printed copy.

2. Your interviewer's phone number.Again, you might be relying on your cell to save you here, but what if you can't find that email with his or her number and your car broke down on the highway? In case you get lost or running late, have this contact information on hand so you can contact your interviewer right away. Most will be understanding if you run into an unforeseeable problem, but most won't if you simply show up late without letting them know. 

3. Money.What if your interviewer suddenly decides he or she wants to take the interview downstairs to the local Starbucks and you're without cash or credit? Or what if the parking lot attendent only takes cash and you only have a card? It's best to have a credit card and at least $30 in cash for any circumstances that might arise.

4. Your ID.I'm not really sure why you'd show up without it, but a lot of big city office buildings make you sign in before going upstairs with a photo ID. Don't get denied a job just because you couldn't get in the building!

5. Mints. If you are having your morning coffee on the way to the interview, it's best to make sure you have a mint afterwards to avoid stinky, stale coffee breath. Make sure you avoid gum! Forgetting to spit it out before your interview can be awful and if you keep it in you're going to look very unprofessional!

6. Copies of your resume. Even though your employer already has it and has seen it, it's good to have an extra copy in case they ask you to "take me through your previous employment." This way you can pull it out and go chronologically though your previous jobs while not forgetting any important points. It's also good to have them if more than one person is interviewing you and someone needs a copy. 

7. Questions.Come prepared with 4-5 good questions to ask the interviewer about the job and/or company. Stay clear of generic questions. Show that you did some research. If you need some ideas, check out these awesome questions to ask at the end of an interview and avoid these.

8. References and work samples. Bring any supplemental information that an interviewer might ask for like a sheet of references, recommendations, or work samples (if applicable). This is especially great to have when explaining something on your resume, and then having actual work to back up your point. 

9. A notepad and pen.It's best to invest in one of those resume holders with a legal pad inside it. This way you can write down any questions for the interviewer beforehand as well as take notes on anything important they say during the interview process.

10. A professional bag. You need just one bag that can carry all of the above! Don't show up with multiple bags. Stick to one solid color, black is a safe bet since you can't see stains well. 

Do you bring anything else to an interview? If so, let us know what it is below!


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