10 Fashion Tips for Short Girls

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Posted by Casey Nicole on July 6, 2012 at 5:18 PM

My favorite thing about fashion is that there really are no rules. We don't need to follow the classic "no white after labor day" rule or any other guidelines to look fabulous and have fun. However, it's always a great idea to dress for our body. When you want to feel extra fabulous, don your most flattering outfit by following our fashion advice for short girls.

1. Go Monochrome

While we love the colorblock trend, it really can leave you looking blocky, with too many colors breaking up the silhouette. Try donning shades of a single color from head to toe to really elongate the silhouette and give the illusion of height. 

2. Try High-Waisted Styles

No matter your height, you should always consider proportions when picking out a flattering outfit. For short girls, high-waisted skirts, pants, and shorts create the look of longer legs and thus a taller silhouette.

3. Heels are Always Flattering

One of the most fun fashion tips for short girls is to wear high-heeled shoes. Whether you’re comfortable in platforms or just want a bit of a lift, a pair of heels will physically make you taller. If heels aren’t you thing, then try wedges or booties. If you’re completely uncomfortable in heels, or the situation just doesn’t call for them, try to…

4. Go With Pointed Flats

They give the appearance of added height, but leave you comfortable enough to strut. Tottering around heels is never a good thing, and when it comes to shoes, you should also…

5. Avoid Ankle-Straps

When it comes to dark colored shoes, you will absolutely want to avoid any ankle straps, because they make the ankle appear wider, instead of longer. If you’re wearing shoes in a nude shade similar to your skin, you should still be okay with a thin ankle strap.

6. Go For Fitted

You don’t need to don skintight dresses, but take into consideration that anything too slouchy or voluminous adds unnecessary bulk to your petite frame. When it comes to dresses, stick to column-styles and wear tops that just skim the body, and aren’t too big or tight. If your dress or top is a bit too slouchy, you can always…

7. Add a Thin Belt

While belts can run the risk of appearing to cut your body in half, a thin belt is better proportioned. If you’re short, and a little curvy, like me, thin belts are your best friend. I use them to keep billowy tops cinched in at the waist, to appear curvy, not bulky.

8. Avoid Oversized Handbags

Have you seen the pictures of the Olsen twins carrying huge handbags? Not only does it look silly, but it’s also unflattering for petite figures. An extra-large handbag is very un-proportional to a small frame. Stick with the smaller handbags; they’re just as trendy.

9. Pick the Right Pants

It’s always been a challenge to find the perfect pair of pants for a short girl, but more and more companies are rolling out bottoms with shorter inseams to fix that problem. For the best proportions, you’ll want a fitted style with a slight flare, or boot-cut.

10. Last, but Not Least: Don’t be Afraid of Alterations

Alterations are helpful for girls of any height or size. You find the perfect skirt, that’s just a few inches too long? No problem! Just take a quick and inexpensive trip to get it altered; most dry-cleaners offer some alteration services. For short girls, it’s all about getting the perfect fit from our clothes, and alterations can make that happen. 

I'm definitely feeling inspired to look at my closet in an entirely new way. What advice do you have to flatter shorter figures? 


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