10 More Reasons to Love Being Single

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Posted by Girls Guide To on January 19, 2014 at 5:48 AM

Going into the holiday season while single can be such a drag at times. You really can’t invite last weekend’s fling to Christmas dinner at your parent’s house can you? However, just in case you need a little reminder, there are plenty of reasons why being single is still fabulous, any time of the year.


1. You'll never waste a Saturday at a gun/car show or Comic con, unless you’re into that sort of thing. Or maybe, if you’re looking for a man, these might be a great place to start.

2. When it comes to movies such as Scarface, Star Wars, and anything involving Sylvester Stallone, ignorance truly is bliss. You can go ahead and enjoy your stack of rom-com’s without any judgement.

3. You have total freedom to adopt an adorable stray kitten or fluffy puppy and name her Princess. And dress her in doggie boots all winter long.

4. Power anthems like Beyoncé's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" are more fun when you really mean the lyrics. As someone who is recently single, I am super excited to get my dance on next time this song comes on in the club.

5. It's totally fine to give the cute bartender/waiter/barista a napkin with your phone number and the message "call me!" Because obviously, that was inappropriate when you were in a relationship, but now you can fully enjoy and take advantage of all the cute boys who cross your path!

6. You won’t feel obligated to don a hideous jersey and cheer for a sports team that you know probably won’t be winning this game or any other this season. Nor deal with the aftermath when his beloved team loses. (#CincinnatiProblems)

7. You don’t have to pick a side of the bed. So, go ahead, sleep in the middle and just s-t-r-e-t-c-h out, ladies. Bonus: you can eat snacks in bed. I’m a messy eater and no matter how careful I was, my ex could always tell when I snuck a snack into the bed.

8. When you’re single, you’ll suddenly realize just how much time you have to pursue all those hobbies and interests you never could fit into your schedule before. No joke, now that I’m no longer part of a duo, I’ve got time to work on a short story. And no one is pestering me to share it with them, either.

9. With less guy-friendly junk food and huge portions around to tempt you, along with more free-time you can get into some serious kick-ass shape. If you want to try kickboxing, yoga, or even cross-fit, now’s the time. Plus, you might meet some (seriously in shape) hotties in your fitness class.  

10. You don’t have to hide those delivery boxes or shopping bags anymore. Let your shoe collection take over the entire closet.

The best part about being single though, is having time to focus on yourself and the things you love. Plus, you really get to strengthen the other relationships in your life, like with friends and family. What do you love most about being single? Share your thoughts below! 

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Thanks for the great reminder! It can be easy to take advantage of all of these luxuries when your mind strays from the present. I especially loved #3. Totally relate to that. Another one that immediately made me happy that wasn't included on this list, is having full reign of home decor! I absolutely love how I can organize my entire home to my exact preference and not have to deal with tacky, outdated, man style clashing with my haven :)