25 Days of Holiday DIY: Upcycled Recipe Book

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Posted by Anonymous on December 10, 2012 at 9:00 PM

Don’t let our culture convince you otherwise; the holidays really aren’t just all about giving and receiving expensive gifts. In fact, it’s more about spending time with loved ones. If you have the means and time to make them a little DIY gift, then all the better, since the effort to make it yourself shows how much you truly care. Here at GirlsGuideTo, we’re bringing you 25 days of DIY’s to give to yourself or your loved ones. Now, get crafting!

I think one of the greatest parts of the holidays is just spending time with family and friends while sharing great food and making memories. And, speaking of great food, aren't the holidays all about dining on those tried-and-true recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation. Now, we can't think of a better way to relive those memories than by sharing those family recipes with loved ones in their very own cook book. This great diy idea, from A Beautiful Mess, is even eco-friendly, too since it uses a vintage recipe book as the base. Not only will you find a new use for an outdated book, it will also add so much more character to the finished product. Now, dig up all those family recipes and create your unique book to keep for yourself and give to loved ones. 

Upcycled Recipe Book

1. Find an old or vintage recipe book at a thrift or antique store. I chose one with ring binding, so it'd be easier to flip through. Most thrift stores have tons of old recipe books for super cheap! 

2. Use a thick piece of paper or cardboard to make new organizer tabs. I cut up a record cover for mine!  

3. Next, label the tabs however you would like. I used a white Signo pen to write on the labels, but you could use a labelmaker or letter stickers! There are certainly more categories, but these are the 5 categories I cook most from.  

4. Now staple the category tabs to another small piece of cardboard. Depending on the type of book and cover you use, the length will vary. You'll want to staple the new tabs in succession so they are equally visible. Staple the tabs directly on to the recipe book's pages.

Decorate the recipe pages and title pages with your preferred embellishments. I used a 1960s Ladies Home Journal to decorate the title pages with corresponding images. Most old, lady-magazines have plenty of recipe photos! Again, I used a white Signo pen to doodle on the titles.

Add a new title to your recipe book and cover up any words you don't want. I used part of a LHJ page again for consistency.

Now it's time to add in your favorite recipes! You could use recipe cards, but I printed out my favorite recipes on regular printer paper and embellished them over the recipe book pages. You could also take photos of your completed recipes to add to the pages! This would look super cute with instant photos.

And now you have your very own personalized recipe book.

DIY idea + photos via Kate of a beautiful mess 


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