30 Shades of Mr. Wrong: Mr. Spoiled Brat

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Posted by Jenn Clark on June 16, 2013 at 10:00 AM

“You can’t have a mature relationship with a guy who is immature.” - Jenn Clark

Here’s the problem with guys who have been handed everything without having to work for it:  They will always expect life’s good stuff to come to them easily and without much effort.  And if it doesn’t?  They have no clue how to handle it.  Spoiled little boys often grow up to become spoiled men.

Maybe he’s always had a bunch of women he treated as though they were disposable.  Maybe he was given a Porsche on his 16th birthday.  Maybe he had parents who bailed him out of every jam he found himself in and he never learned the meaning of the word “consequences.”  No matter what led to his feelings of entitlement, “Mr. Spoiled Brat” is a total deal breaker.

The real world can be tough.  Life can kick the crap out of us sometimes.  What separates the grown-ups from the children is the ability to get back up after we’ve been knocked down.  It’s infinitely better to be with a man who’s bravely survived some struggles than one who will stomp his feet when things don’t go his way.


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