4 Fun Summer Dates for Friends

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Posted by Becky Lake on June 18, 2013 at 6:22 PM

Forget the summer fling this season. All you need is your bestie to have a good time. Instead of hitting the clubs, or maybe in addition to, try out these fun date ideas for friends. You’ll make some great summer memories and have a blast! 

90s nostalgia

Remember your obsession with 98 Degrees, or maybe it was NKOTB?! Either way, a bunch of hot boy bands, including Backstreet Boys, too are hitting the road this summer! Check them out on tour and have fun reliving your tween years. Rock out in your customized band tees and dance all night long. 

Adult amusement 

Amusement parks were just plain stressful as kids. You were either too short for rides, ended up nauseous, and probably had your parents checking in on your every move. Now that you’re an adult you can have some big kid fun. Grab a pal to check out the closest amusement park near you for a fun day in the sun. Indulge in all the things you couldn’t as a kid and bring home some ridiculous souvenirs! 

Ice cream social

Forget healthy diets for a day and just indulge like only kids can. Skip the happy hour and take a trip down memory lane with your bestie for some frozen treats. Even better, make a day of it and bike around town to your favorite local ice cream shops. You’ll get some sun, some exercise, and enjoy the nostalgia. Does it get any better? 

Sleepover Central

Sleepovers were the highlights of summer when we were kids, so why don’t we ever have them anymore? Gather a small group of pals over. Ask them to bring some nail polish, their favorite chick flick, and comfiest pajamas. Make a pitcher of sangria or margaritas to enjoy along with some indulgent snacks like brownies and cookie dough ice cream. 

What fun friend dates will you be going on this summer? 


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