4 Tips to Recover From a Few Days of Bad Eating

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Posted by Courtney Kabbes on June 15, 2013 at 3:00 PM

The arrival of summer means endless barbeques, backyard pool parties, and bikinis. You’ve been working out and eating right (you’re looking fabulous by the way), but with so many get-togethers and travel plans it might be difficult to stick to your healthy routine. A few days of eating badly could leave you feeling bloated, tired, and even slightly hungover. Don’t worry! These tips will help you recover and get back track. 

1. Hit the gym

Sweat it out. Spend more time in the gym this week and turn up the intensity of your workouts. Push yourself to go longer on the treadmill or do more reps while lifting weights, no excuses. When you feel it burning, you know it’s working. Jumpstart your metabolism by working out in the morning before you start your day.

2. Drink a lot of water 
Drinking water is essential to your health. Substitute water for other beverages, like soda, that you might drink throughout the day. Think of it this way: You should be eating your calories, not drinking them. Water not only helps control your appetite (sometimes when you think you're hungry you're just thirsty), it also leaves your skin looking flawless and improves the function of your kidneys, which flush out toxins from your body. You'll especially need water before, during, and after hitting the gym. According to nephrologist Steven Guest, "When muscle cells don't have adequate fluids, they don't work as well and performance can suffer." Water also replaces the fluids you'll lose while sweating to prevent dehydration. If you find water boring add fruit infusions like lemon, lime, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or oranges.

3. Cleanse

Cleanses are not lifestyle plans. Before you make the decision to cleanse, find one that’s right for you. Drinking only liquids for 30 days isn’t realistic or healthy, but if you find a cleanse that’s practical for you, it could be just what your body needs after a few days of bad eating. Since everyone is different, use Google to do some research and find one that’s suitable for you. My favorite cleanse or “slim down” is part of the “Tone It Up” nutrition plan from beach babes, Karena and Katrina. Follow them for fitness and healthy eating tips, tricks, and motivation.

4. Limit alcohol intake
Or ditch it completely (for a few days at least). Do you even know what vodka is doing to your metabolism? As little as 90 calories of vodka can slow it down by 73 percent! And I’m not even going to tell you how many calories are in those margaritas you’ve been sipping. If you insist on drinking something, try a refreshing glass of sangria or red wine.

How do you recover from a few days of bad eating? What's your favorite summer workout? 

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