5 Classic Ways To Take On The Rain In Style

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Posted by Bianca A. Lev on May 30, 2013 at 2:59 PM

It seems as though this year April showers have carried into May. This leaves us praying that our hair stays smooth and dry while trying to make it to work on time. As if that isn't hard enough, trying to plan the perfect rainy day outfit can be more of a hassle than Blair Waldorf makes it look. Don't shy away from style just for fear of getting a little wet! Try to incorporate these rain proof staples in your closet for easy go-to pieces on a gloomy day.

1. Step into a pair of rain boots and you won't be sorry. Wellies keep your feet dry and warm on rainy days and are a fun excuse to jump in every puddle you come across. Skip tucking a pair of jeans into your boots and pair them with a bright sundress instead.

2. Find the right coat.To avoid getting all wet when out and about, think about investing in a classic trench coat that serves its purpose on chilly rainy mornings. This classic piece will have you looking like you stepped out of an Audrey Hepburn movie while everyone else shuffles around in soggy sweatshirts. 

3. Wear your hair up! Don't feel like you must wear your hair down everyday, especially when it's in danger of getting frizzy. Spritz a little sleek and shine anti-frizz serum on your ends and toss your locks up into a sleek pony or messy bun.

4. Use an umbrella you love.Don't be afraid of bold patterns or colors because it will be a special treat when you get to pull out a rarely used accessory. Stay away from plain black umbrellas that are more likely to damper your mood on an already dreary day. You're also more likely to mix them up with every one else's!

5. Invest in a bag that can get wet. If you have to walk to work or class, be the proud owner of a bag that both has a zipper and is friendly towards water. You don't want the contents of your bag to get completely soaked anymore than you want to be drenched yourself!

What's your go-to piece on a rainy day?

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