5 Non-Cheesy Valentine's Day Date Ideas

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Posted by Casey Nicole on February 8, 2013 at 4:27 PM

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a dreaded holiday, people! I personally can't stand all the bashing about it being a "Hallmark" holiday. Who cares?! Use it as an excuse to eat some chocolate and spend the night with loved ones. That all sounds pretty awesome to me. However, if V-Day makes you think of overpriced, impersonal dates and generic cards, then you need to decide to ditch those cheesy plans. Instead, try out one of these "cheese"-free ideas for a fun, low-key Valentine's Day. As always, they're boyfriend-optional, and you can try all of this out with your besties. 

Dinner with Friends

This has been my go-to Valentine’s date for years. In my group of friends there were quite a few of us in long-term relationships and we would all get together at someone’s house for a group dinner. The first year, the guys cooked and the second time the girls did, and so on. We would decide on a “theme” (usually Italian, because who doesn’t love pasta?!) as well and make everything from appetizers to dessert.  Whichever half of us wasn’t preparing dinner would be in charge of cocktails. No matter what was served for dinner, it was always a blast. We rarely hung out solely with a group of just couples, and it was fun to just kick back and let the conversation flow while enjoying an indulgent meal. In my opinion, it was always better than some stuffy restaurant. 

Get Outdoors

If the weather where you live permits try heading out into the great outdoors for your V-Day date. It’s an unexpected way to spend a romantic evening, but hear me out. For starters, ditch the uncomfortable dress clothes and get in your comfiest jeans and flannels or sweatshirts. Get a simple picnic going, or cook over an open flame (grilling is so easy!) and just enjoy the fresh air. Make sure you have the materials to make s’mores and take turns feeding them to each other. And to finish the evening on a romantic note, cuddle up and do some stargazing. It’s nice to get away from all the hustle and bustle, yes?

Test Out Each Other’s Hobbies

Spend the holiday getting to know each other on a whole new level. Do you each have hobbies that don’t necessarily interest the other? I’d have to admit my last boyfriend loved snowboarding and I definitely am not a fan of cold-weather sports. Whatever they are, find a way to spend the day trying out each other’s favorite hobby. For example, you two could spend the afternoon at the slopes and later you could show him the art of baking the perfect soufflé. Whatever your hobbies are, it’s fun to share them with each other and shows just how deeply you love one another if you’re willing try out something new just for them. 

Scary Movie Marathon

If you and your man hate all the mushiness that comes with romantic comedies and Valentine’s Day in general, then rebel with some scary movies. Pick some of your favorites and kick back for a night in with candy and popcorn. Or head out to the movies and see Warm Bodies. From the looks of it, it’s a “zombified” rom-com, and a zombie rom-com is always better than the latest Nicholas Sparks flick. 

(If you’re staying in, try out one of these decadent popcorn recipes!) 

Volunteer Together

Seriously, this is the least cheesiest of all and the payoff will make you feel better than the sparkliest diamond necklace. Helping others is so rewarding and doing some good within your community will be a great bonding experience with your man, and hopefully you two can even make it a tradition. Most cities have online resources to share volunteer opportunities and you’re bound to find one you and your man will agree on. 

You can try a charity run, such as Cupid’s Undie Run. You’ll raise funds, have fun, and have a laugh at each other running in your undies. 

Or, go all out and save a life! I’m talking about adopting a pet! Obviously this is a very important decision, but if it’s something the two of you have been considering, nothing is sweeter than spending V-Day snuggled up with a pup. If you’re in the Greater Cincinnati area, be sure to check out My Furry Valentine   which is basically a huge adoption event with hundreds of cuddly dogs and cats looking for a loving home. 

No matter where or how you spend your Valentine’s, make sure you’re enjoying the most important thing: the company of your loved ones. And, while you’re at it, indulge in some chocolate and banish all smartphones! How will you be spending the holiday? 


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