5 Ways to Fit in at the New Office Faster

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Posted by Tessa McLean on November 2, 2012 at 6:22 PM

Starting at a new job is always slightly awkward. You won't really know fully what you're doing for at least a month and every face is new. Fitting in at the office is more than being popular -- it's the key to getting promoted and being happy at work. Try these five tips to fit in at the office and you'll be on your way to a smooth transition.  

Go get lunch with people.

Lunches are when most people bond at work. If people generally go grab lunch together, go with them, at least for the first couple weeks. Even if you like bringing your lunch in an effort to be healthy and save money, it's worth it to skip it for a couple weeks while you get the lay of the land at the new job. Do people who bring their lunch eat in the kitchen or in a conference room? Go ahead and join them and participate in their conversation. They're likely as curious about you as you are about them. 

Ask questions when you need help.

Choose different people and ask them general questions when you're wondering about something in the office. They'll likely be glad to help you out and now have a personal connection with you. 

Go in the kitchen.

Does your office have a water cooler? A snack cabinet? Getting up and grabbing water or a snack every once and awhile ensures run-ins with other coworkers where you can engage in friendly small talk and introduce yourself.

Head to Happy Hour.  

Even if you don't drink, head to the office happy hour when you're first starting out. It's a way to get to know your coworkers in a more casual setting. If you do drink, do not get drunk at your first couple happy hours!! The last thing you want is to make bad decisions and be the new office drunk (or worse, slut).

Be head of a committee. 

The holidays are coming up which usually means lots of ways to get involved at a company. Organize a Christmas cookie exchange or an ugly sweater contest. If the company already has established traditions offer to help organize. 

Ask people to go do an errand.

Have to go get your mom a birthday card on your lunch hour? Tell a coworker you're going and ask if they want to come along. Most people will welcome a chance to get out of the office for some fresh air. 

How do you introduce yourself at a new job?


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