5 Yoga Workouts for Beginners

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Posted by Sam Vinton on November 12, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Yoga really is the ultimate workout. It works your flexibility, strength, and balance, all while toning and leaning out muscles. Aside from the physical benefits, yoga is also used as a strategy to increase relaxation, decrease stress, and improve our mental health. It's a practice that everyone can benefit from, and you shouldn't let lack of experience keep you from using yoga to become a healthier person. Look to these simple yet effective yoga workouts to help you get started on your journey. 

1. Easy Yoga Workout (via Real Simple)

This routine is perfect for beginniners, introducing you to the basics of yoga. With just 15 minutes a day you can work towards improving your flexibility and building strength. 

2. Strength Training Yoga (via Women's Health)

Get all the strengthening benefits of a full length yoga class in under 30 minutes with this yoga-based workout routine. This routine adds a bit of strength training to the mix as an added bonus. 

3. Yoga Workout to Build Strength (via Chatelaine)

This 4-day-a-week yoga routine promises to build strength and blast fat. Each pose should be held for five breaths for maximum effect. 

4. Dorm Room Yoga (via Yoga With Adriene)

Strapped for space? This video workout is perfect for college girls adjusting to dorm life, or city dwellers in too-tiny apartments! 

5. Yoga Poses to Beat Stress (via

Relax and unwind with these yoga moves geared towards helping you relieve stress. They aren't as physically challenging, but first and foremost yoga is about cultivating a healthy state of mind. 

What yoga exercises or workouts would you recommend for beginners? 

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