6 Ways to Age Gracefully

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Posted by Tessa McLean on December 10, 2012 at 4:40 PM

Increasing your life expectancy seems like a frivlous thing to do. Do we really have any control over something like when we're going to die? Still, people are living longer everyday and it's largely due to many lifestyle changes we've embraced over the years. Here are six ways to live longer. 

Even just 15 minutes per day can add three years to your life. You can't find an excuse not to exercise at least 15 minutes per day, so try walking to work, giving your pet a longer walk, or just doing two minute increments of jumping jacks throughout your work day. There is ample evidence that the amount of sitting we do at a desk per day is pretty terrible for us, so make sure to walk around and take short breaks each hour. 


Get enough sleep -- but not too much. Seven to eight hours is plenty for a healthy adult, but make sure it's quality sleep. 

Eliminate Stress

Take deep breathes and manage your stress effectively. Do whatever it is to keep you calm -- take yoga, organize your tasks, meditate, etc. Stress weighs on us more than we realize, so keep it in check and remember it will all be ok.

Don't Smoke

If this isn't obvious, you've got a lot of thinking to do. It's proven by many, many studies that smoking can lead to cancer and can contribute to hundreds of other diseases that will cut our lives short. 

Don't Overeat

Overeating leads to becoming overweight, which puts stress on our body. A 2008 study found reducing calories lowered production of T3, a thyroid hormone that slows metabolism—and speeds up the aging process.

Have Sex

Your guy will be excited to hear this one! Having regular sex can improve heart health and strengthen your brain as well as give your immune system a boost.

What other secrets to living longer have you heard?

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