7 *Strange* Signs A Guy Is Into You

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Posted by Brette Borow on September 20, 2011 at 3:57 PM

Many of us have heard what the signs are that a guy ISN'T into you... but what are the signs that he IS? Well, we went on a mission to find out... and who better to ask than a guy! Our good friend Craig Clemens breaks down the 7 strange ways to know that a guy is into you. Pay close attention... because knowing these 7 things could make a HUGE difference in your relationship!

1. He Plans Out A Great Date
Most guys have a date "routine" they use when they meet a girl…  a favorite bar or restaurant where they know what to expect… or an activity they know will lead to a fun time. Guys will usually use this "routine" on nearly EVERY first date.

And for your first date, that's fine! You want the guy to be comfortable so he can focus on you and not have to worry about the little things.

But the way to tell if a guy likes you is on your 2ND date!

If he goes out of his way to plan a great 2nd date… you can be quite sure he is interested in you for more than just sex.

It doesn't have to be an elaborate plan… but most likely he'll at least have a restaurant picked out and something fun to do after.

If the 2nd date, however, is, "Come over to my place for some wine", or "Let's grab a drink at this dive bar by my place"… he might just be looking for an easy route into your pants.

2. He Calls Or Texts You Often
If a guy is calling or texting you often, it's probably because he enjoys talking to you!

Sure, he might not text you every day at first - he doesn't want to look desperate - but steady communication is a surefire sign a guy likes you.

On the other hand, if he's only contacting you on Friday nights, or late at night when he's already out… he's probably just looking for some action.

Which brings me to…

3. He Calls Or Texts You EARLY In The Day!
If a guy messages you to make plans in the early afternoon… or a few days in advance… that's a good sign he's into you.

But if he's only texting you around 7 or 8pm to see if you want to go to a bar or club… or to see if you're going out and you want to meet out… he's probably just hoping for a hook-up.

If he REALLY wanted to see you… he'd message you earlier to try to get to you BEFORE you made other plans!

NOTE: Many girls think that if a guy doesn't make plans a few days in advance, he isn't into you.



Well because - sorry ladies - but women are flakey!

So because of this a lot of guys WON'T make plans more than a day or two in advance…. because they know the further out your date, the more likely something is gonna come up that causes you to cancel.

Sad but true!

4. He Shows You Off And Brings You Out
If a guy NEVER shows you off to his friends… or brings you out with him when he hits the town… that's usually because he's not really into you, and would rather meet a new girl.

On the other hand, if he brings you out with him to the party, club, or social gathering… he likes YOU and is proud to be seen with you!

This may not happen until you are already sleeping together… but if you've been sleeping together for awhile and haven't met ANY of his friends… it's safe to say he sees your relationship as purely sexual.

At the same time… if he's ONLY bringing you out with friends… and never planning great dates (see #1)… that's not a good sign either. A healthy mix is usually best.

5. He Wants To Hang On Friday And Saturday Nights
The next level of showing you off and bringing you out is… doing so on the "prime" nights!

Guys will sometimes even joke to each other, "Is she a weekender or a weekday?" … meaning is she someone he is into… or someone he just wants for sex.

Now, don't expect a guy to bring you out on Fridays and Saturdays on your first date, or even on your first few.

But if it's date 3 or 4 and he's still not bringing you out on the weekends, he's probably not into you.

6. He Is OK With Waiting For Sex
ANY time a guy is really into a girl… he will be TOTALLY FINE waiting for sex!

In fact, he'll prefer it! No guy wants to seriously date a girl who gives it up on the first night… because it makes him worry that she gives it up to EVERYBODY on the first night!

So make him earn it! And if he's willing to put in the work then it usually means he's into you.

7. He Wants To Cuddle In The Morning
If a guy seems to be in a rush to get you out of his house after you hook up and doesn't have a REAL reason… he's probably not into you.

Because… when most guys are really into a girl, they - surprise! - like to cuddle!

Happy and true!

I hope you enjoyed these 7 signs that a guy is into you.

Remember, no guy will do all 7 of these things, as all men are different.

Some guys really do hate to cuddle! And some guys are legitimately too busy to have a long text or phone chat with you every day.

But ANY guy who likes you will give you at least a few of these signs… so keep an eye out for them… and if you don't get them… don't take him too seriously.

Life is too short!

If you enjoyed this article, feel free to re-post it or forward it to your friends.

To your success in love and life!

Written by: Craig Clemens


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