8 Quick Tips to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom

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Posted by Girls Guide To on August 25, 2012 at 8:46 PM

If you haven’t already, you need to see Episode 2 of GirlsGuideTo… TV!In addition to women’s health, we also discussed a few other personal topics. And we definitely covered the topic of keeping things hot in the bedroom. But, we’re bringing you even more quick tips to spice things up. Read through and have a good night with your guy, ladies! 

Speak Up

"Don’t be shy about speaking up in the bedroom - your guy wants to please you. So whether you want him to tie you up a la Christian Grey or simply move a little to the left honey, he won’t know until you tell him." –GirlsGuideTo TV


One of the best ways to have great sex when you’re really not in the mood is to focus on foreplay first. Devote 15 minutes to anything but the actual act, and the big moment will be even greater when you do.


Try costumes, wigs, or just take on different personalities. For inspiration, you can always look to your favorite kinky book, 50 Shades of Grey.

Try Sexting

Your partner doesn’t have to be present for you to seduce them. Send some sexy photos or texts in the middle of the day to tease your partner. He’ll be in that much more of a rush to see you that night.

Surprise Him

Surprise him and yourself. If you’re thinking about making a lusty move then go for it. Surprising your guy reminds him just how hot you find him, and he’ll be sure to return the favor sometime.

Schedule It In

Yes, sometimes you surprise your guy, and sometimes you might have to schedule it in. But, by making the conscious decision to hit the sheets, you’ll be looking forward to it all day.

Change the Location

Get out of the bedroom! Try getting it on in new places around the house. You can try the shower, the couch, even the kitchen table; it’s all up to you!

Start Dating Again

We often get complacent in long-term relationships, so pretend like you two have just started dating again. Buy some new lingerie, and plan some elaborate dates. Maybe you’ll get those butterflies back and they’ll definitely translate back into the bedroom. 

How do you keep things hot in the bedroom? Share your thoughts below!

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