9 Things Guys Want But Won't Tell Us

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Posted by Caitlin Marmion on June 1, 2013 at 8:00 PM

Many of us may agree there are times when we just wish we could get into our guys' heads. We complain they don't communicate enough, they're always late for everything, they're sloppy and leave their dirty clothes on the floor... Well, it goes both ways. Some things we do really bother our guys, and unfortunately sometimes they just don't feel comfortable enough to let us know. In a random survey, men were asked to give us their honest feelings. Here's the advice, straight from the men, straight to us.

Question: What do guys want girls to know or do but won't tell them?

1. "Don't make us guess what is bothering you."

Oh boy, this is a big one and I know I'm totally guilty of it. We often expect our guys to know exactly why we're upset, especially if it's due to something they did. This can be quite frustrating for them. Just because they don't know what's bothering us doesn't mean they don't care. In fact, maybe they're also frustrated because they want to help us but can't without knowing what's bothering us. Let's not assume they should just know why we're upset. Not only is it annoying for them, it's not going to help our situation. No one wants to feel miserable. If we don't let our guys know what's bugging us, we're most likely going to feel like crap just that much longer.

2."Women expecting us to read their minds. They expect us to know everything when really we don't. Men have a very limited thinking ability and that does not include ESP."

Yikes! Do we really want them to think that we expect them to know how we feel? We need to make sure that if we feel a certain way, we openly speak about it, especially if we accuse them of not communicating!

3. "Girls often seem to get really angry at little things they can't control."

Ah yes, perfectionism. Have you ever hosted a party and became obsessed at making sure the food was perfect, carpets were fluffed, or the door step was free of leaves? If you've hosted a party, you've been there. How about a bad hair day? It could be one little piece of hair out of place that causes us to become stressed and then possibly even irritated if our guy tells us it looks fine. Well, maybe he's just being honest. Lets relax a little -- nothing and no one is perfect.

4. "Don't girly up my vehicle when you borrow it."

Come on now, ladies. We really shouldn't be leaving our lip gloss in his glove compartment. The center console might be a decent place for emergency tampons, but don't leave it there. Let's just keep these items in the purse. If we go shopping, we should remove the pink Victoria Secret bag from the trunk. Do you really think he's really going to use this as a trash bag when he goes fishing with his buddies? Sure, it's just a bag but from the statement above, it seems like it just gets annoying.

5. "Put stuff back where it belongs or where you got it from."

Did you borrow a screw driver and not put it back? If he's a handy man, he's going to want to be able to find his tools. If you need to run outside, and borrow his flip flops, put them back! Don't just drop those anywhere in the house. We would be ticked if we found our acne wash in the shower behind his shampoo, when we left it on the counter.

6. "Stop sending mixed signals, if you want us to initiate then we will. Remember, we're like a light switch, really easy to turn on."

Sending mixed signals can happen for a lot of reasons, and most of the time, we don't even realize when we do it. We show our excitement and make it known that we're interested, but don't want to come off too strong. We begin to second guess actions, which eventually comes off as if we're not interested. This can be very confusing, so it's best to simply be yourself. 

7. "Keep her mom out of our relationship!"

It's such a wonderful thing to have a great relationship with your mom. You're mom is a great friend to have. However, we must remember that mothers may not be the go to for every single thing when it comes to our relationships. Your guy wants to feel like he's dating you, not your mom.

8. "Be happy with yourself. We understand not all women are a size 0. Give it up a little bit more."

I absolutely love this comment. Guys don't expect us to look perfect. It's more attractive for us to be happy with the way we look. We're sexier if we simply comfortable in our own skin. The uglier you feel, the uglier you look. Get comfortable, and be happy with it. This carries to the bedroom, for sure.

9. "It would be nice to have a little me time on my day off."

Okay, so we love to spoon with our men, but maybe he wants a little time to himself. It doesn't mean he doesn't want to be around us, it just means he wants to be with himself. Maybe he wants to veg out in front of the tv. We all know we love a little time to lay around in our fuzzy pj's and eat ice cream while we watch The Notebook. He needs his time, too!

Do you fall into any of these? If so, will you be doing anything differently?


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