Check Him Out: 6 Body Language Signs He’s Into You

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Posted by Casey Nicole on July 17, 2012 at 1:17 PM

If you’re into the silent, brooding type then you might have trouble figuring out if a guy’s into you. Or maybe you’re just like me, and totally clueless to the hints that someone is crushing. Either way, you can figure out how he feels by reading his body. As if we needed a reason to check out a hot guy. Here’s 6 ways to read his body language.

His Eyes
For starters, if he’s constantly making eye contact with you, whether you’re chatting just the two of you or hanging out in a group, it’s a sure sign he’s feeling it. If he’s across the room and keeps catching your eye, he’s trying to figure out if you want to be approached. If you’re interested, just flash him a quick smile.

The Look
Guys instinctually raise and lower their eyebrows when they see someone they’re interested in. It happens very quickly, so it may be hard to catch. But if you do see it, make your move, he’s definitely interested.

The Head Tilt
If someone is tilting their head toward you, they are really attune to what you’re saying and want to capture every word. Even when your friends do this, it’s a sign they really care about what you’ve got to say.

The Stance
In general, people will subconsciously turn their body to who they’re most interested in. So check out his chest or feet. If they are pointing in your direction, even if he’s talking to someone on his other side, he’s actually thinking of you. Also, if he’s standing across from you with a wide stance it’s a subconscious, primal gesture that he’s got the hots for you.

This is a classic body language component. We naturally start to mirror the actions we like of people we’re interested in. Is he standing with his hand on his hip, just like you? It’s a sign he’s trying to be closer to you by copying your movements.

His Proximity
Is that one guy always making some excuse to be really close to you? A guy who wants to be intimate will always try to get close to you. Most people enjoy a certain amount of personal space, so if he’s getting closer than what’s normal, he is definitely into you.

Do you try to read a guy’s body language when determining his interest? Let us know how you do in the comments! 


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