Daily Distraction: 8mm Vintage Camera

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Posted by Katie Ostoich on March 28, 2012 at 11:44 AM

We all know and love Instagram. It’s the best and easiest way to take pics and instantly transform them into retro looking pieces of art. And the social community, not to mention the easy ability to share with Facebook and Twitter, make it a fun way to keep a little photo diary of your life. But what about the videos you shoot? Adding a vintage flair to your movies would be just as fun, right?

Well now you can shoot it old school with 8mm Vintage Camera. 8mm Vintage Camera puts the magic and beauty of old 8mm movies on your phone with retro camera effects. Make your movies look like 1965 by adding dust, scratches, flickering, light leaks, and more to your videos with a tap or swipe. It records movies with retro effects in real time, but you can also apply effects to existing videos. And then be sure to save to Camera Roll, email, or share on YouTube and Facebook.

I seriously love using 8mm Vintage Camera to add character to all the little movies I take - even if it's just my dog running around! Get it at the App Store.


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