Daily Distraction: Best Environmental Apps

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Posted by Katie Ostoich on April 19, 2012 at 1:40 PM

Even if you don’t have time to plant ten tree seedlings on a weekend or go on an ecotour, you can stay committed to good green living. Thanks to your smartphone, there are hundreds of environmental apps available out there for the responsible green citizen. At home, in the office, or on the road, you’ll find these free environmental apps helpful.

Skeptical Science 
If ever you’ve found yourself in a heated debate about climate change with a skeptic, having this iPhone app around might help by laying the facts down on the table. Skeptic Science is designed to offer several responses to dead end statements like “climate’s changed before”, “models are unreliable”, and “Antarctica is gaining ice”. It tackles these statements under three categories: It’s Not Happening, It’s Not Us, and It’s Not Bad. What’s more, you can upload your own encounters and arguments to help out your eco-aware friends. Available for Droid and iPhone users.

Good Guide 
This app is your digital partner to green shopping. Good Guide features a database of 50,000 products with their environmental certifications, approvals, and other credentials. While one popular product might have a perfect score on health standards, it might have a low score on environmental standards due to production, questionable sources, etc. A fair trade alternative might be a better choice. This app is perfect for shoppers who don’t have the time, nor the inclination to read every fine print on every label while shopping. Available for Droid and iPhone users.

This app tackles diverse topics such as sustainability, transport, and design among others. It brings the latest headlines on groundbreaking ideas on science and technology as well as innovations to your device with a click. Available for iPhone and Droid.

Project Noah 
One of the best in the market of environmental applications, Project Noah allows novices, enthusiasts, and professionals to learn and document individual findings on their natural environment. This app has three modes: Spottings (upload a photograph of a plant or animal with your questions about the species), Location Based Field Guide (see the spottings reported near your area), and Field Missions (specifically designed for environmental labs, groups, and organizations). It’s like a community of citizen-scientists harnessing their interest and concern for the natural environment. Available for Droid and iPhone users.

Light Bulb Finder
A huge way to help the environment (and your energy bill) is too change out your home’s light bulbs to more energy efficient bulbs. Light Bulb Finder is easy to use and helps you to find the best and most energy efficient bulb replacement for whatever type of light you own. Another feature is the ability to purchase the light bulb through the app or help you find at your local retail store! Free. Available for iPhone and Droid.

Just about anything and everything can be recycled or reused. iRecycle is an easy to use recycling app that shows you how to and where to recycle an item or product. Choose from their menu and based on your location or zip code, find where to drop off your item. Also you can read eco-friendly news and articles with this app. Free. Available for Droid and iPhone users.

An awesome app for the foodies out there. Based on your location, Locavore will point you to the nearest farm or farmers market. Also find out what foods are in season and view a delicious collection of recipes displaying different in season foods. Sounds yummy! Free. Available for Droid and iPhone users.

Seafood Watch
Another foodie app, the Seafood Watch app from the Monterey Bay Aquarium provides free, up-to-date recommendations at your fingertips with detailed sustainable seafood information. It enables you to search for seafood quickly and easily by common market name and sorts seafood by "Best Choice," "Good Alternative" or "Avoid" rankings (providing alternatives to the “Avoid” list. The new Project FishMap feature lets you contribute to the app by adding the names of restaurants and stores where you've found ocean-friendly seafood and locate businesses where others have found sustainable seafood. Available for iPhone and Droid.


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