Fall Football Fashion: How to Look Great at the Game

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Posted by Kelsey M Hunter on September 17, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Contrary to what we find in the media, women like football too! In fact, we make up 45% of the fans! Every Sunday we are there with our boyfriends/brothers/dads to watch the game and we love it just as much as them. As usual with wardrobes, men have it way too easy. They can rock the jersey with jeans or sweats to every game, while our outfits have to look fantastic, be weather appropriate, and allow us to do a victory dance after our team scores.  

The NFL and Fashion Week recently partnered up to host  a fashion show sporting the NFL’s new women’s line amped up by designers. If you don’t feel like going over the top for the game next Sunday, here are some reasonable options no matter where you are for kick-off:

Cheering the Bears on at home:  

Watching a game at home is always the more relaxed way to go.  Try this Victoria Secret long sleeve t-shirt with these must-have Ann Taylor leggings and classic grey converse. For later in the season, a must is a Levi's jean jacket and bears logo scarf.  And just for good juju, don't forget these bears undies. Go bears!

Watching the Saints night game at the bar:

Throw on ASOS Boyfriend Jeans with a simple H&M Gold T-Shirt. Top that with ASTR Leather Vest and add some more gold gear with H&M Bracelets & Necklace.  Go Saints! 

For the Jets game at the Stadium:

Layers are key for going to any football game. Start with comfy pants like these ASOS high waisted jeans. Show your pride with a Jets Tank and throw on an H&M grey sweater under this perfect Dakota army jacket. Two must haves for the football season are a good, small cross body bag, like this Nina Bossi one, and comfy boots like classic combats by Steve Madden. For warmth try some more team flare with Jets socks peeping out of the boot and a cute headband and gloves from H&M. 

Cheering on the team does not mean letting style fall short -- no matter where you are or what the weather.  

What is your game day style advice?

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