How to Style Leather

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Posted by Michelle Chang on February 26, 2013 at 12:00 PM

Leather is certainly beating out denim these days and it seems to me we'll be seeing a lot more of it this year. Although it may seem daunting to wear and maybe even a little too rough around the edges, leather is really trendy right now and can be styled in a number of easy, not so over-the-top ways. If you’re the type of person to wear leather strictly in the form of shoes or maybe a jacket, then now is the time to experiment and try something new.

You have a pair of tight leather pants that you just can’t seem to figure out: 

Pair those pants (or leggings) with a loose-fitting tee or your favorite oversized sweater. Throw on a pretty scarf and you’ve got a perfect lazy day outfit. I also like wearing my chambray shirt with the pants for another casual look. You can also try a silk top with a fitted blazer with the pants for a more structured look, perfect for a night out.

A leather mini-skirt:

If the skirt is high-waisted, tuck in your favorite tank top or tight fitting tee for a more casual look for a night out. If the skirt is not high-waisted and it’s length is work appropriate, consider tucking in a crisp button-up for the office. This will work with both a-line skirts and more form fitting ones.


You can either dress up a leather dress or dress it down. To play it up, don’t layer anything on top, but carry your favorite bag and strap on your favorite heels especially if it's nice out and you’re wearing it out for a night on the town. Head to toe leather is a bold move and so you've got to show it all off. If your dress is sleeveless and tight, put on your favorite blazer on top and some textured tights to make the dress more of a detail than a statement piece.


My favorite article of clothing right now! High-waisted leather shorts are a great alternative to a skirt and can really update your outfit. I like to wear mine with an oversized sweatshirt and tights for the day, and for night I like a plain tee or tank with lots of jewelry piled on top. As always, paired with the trusted blazer, your leather shorts will be perfect for a night out.

Colored leather:

This is especially popular in the form of a jacket or vest. I love colored leather, especially reds, blues and white. Wear these as you would a normal black leather jacket and update your favorite t-shirt and jeans look or, go a little further and try this with your leather pants. Head to toe leather might sound awful but it will look sleek and cool. 

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