Non-Cheesy & Simple Fall Decor

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Posted by Casey Nicole on September 8, 2012 at 2:49 PM

Sure, starting a family or getting your first real-world job might seem like the passage into adulthood. But, you know what really makes me feel like a grown-up? Decorating my apartment! There’s something about taking an empty space and putting your own mark on it. During college I never spent much time, money, or effort on decorating my apartments since I usually moved after a year, and anything too nice would likely get trashed during a party. Now that I’m older and have a bit more disposable income, I enjoy finding inexpensive ways to decorate my place, so it finally feels like a home.

Fall is a great time to try decorating your place. Just take inspiration from everything going on outside! Nature is changing right in front of you, so you’re sure to get some ideas. Beware of anything specific to holidays. If you start with a Halloween theme, you’ll have to change to a Thanksgiving theme, and so on, but if you stick to seasonal decorations, they can last you ‘til winter, plus the décor won’t stray into that cheesy territory.  

Here’s our three favorite ideas for non-cheesy fall décor.

Bring the Outside In

With so much beauty right outside your window, the easiest way to decorate for fall is simply to bring a little bit of nature into your home. The great thing is that you’re using inexpensive and disposable items. So, you’re just borrowing a little from nature and you won’t have to worry about finding more storage place when the season ends.

Pick up a bunch of various-sized and shaped pumpkins and gather leaves and twigs for a little DIY décor. Breathe new life into an unused fireplace by piling in pumpkins. Create a beautiful centerpiece for your dining table or fireplace mantel with small pumpkins or gourds as well as leaves and twigs. Leafy branches can be used just like flowers in your unused vases. For a simple, yet statement making idea, place individual leaves in separate picture frames to display and preserve them all season long.

You can also pick up very inexpensive “fall” garland at most Dollar stores, if you don’t want to deal with dried up leaves. And remember to be extra cautious if you’re incorporating any candles with this décor. To play it really safe, just pick up some flameless candles.


Get Creative with Candy

This one can get a little juvenile, and might be too specific to Halloween, but I just LOVE candy corn. It’s honestly not that tasty, but it’s such a classic nostalgic treat. Instead of devouring those little candies by the bag, give them a new life by using them as part of your décor.  Pile them around candles in clear votives, by themselves or with twigs in various-sized jars and candy dishes, or even hot-glue them to a basic wreath. In addition, you can also substitute dried corn, walnuts, and even acorns instead of candy for a more muted palette.

White is Always Chic

One decorating tip that will work for any season and in almost any home is using the color white. But, it’s still surprising during fall since many people opt for darker colors, like black to play off a Halloween theme. White décor looks anything but boring and makes quite a statement when you combine a group of items. It will open up any space, and if you use it throughout the house it will provide some cohesion through your entire space. Pick out all white and off-white pumpkins and gourds from the patch and simply pile them up together as a centerpiece. You can easily incorporate mirrors or photographs with white frames as well as white pottery, dishes, and other ornaments. The overall look is clean, chic, and anything but plain. 


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