Spring Into Fashion: Rain Gear

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Posted by Marie Christine on March 17, 2013 at 3:30 PM

Pop the champagne and put on your party pants—the official first day of spring is March 20th. Before you dig out your swimsuits and flippy-floppies (are “I’m On a Boat!” references still cool in 2013?) for your summer time beach escapades, we still have to recite the old adage that prepares our wardrobe for mother nature’s plans: April Showers bring May Flowers. Let’s not forget, the frigid days of bulky winter gear and touch screen gloves that never actually worked are behind us, so don’t let a little pesky rain get you down. Slap on some polka dots and bright colors and do a little puddle jumping. Check out this year’s springtime rain gear that is sure to keep you cute ‘n dry.

Rain Boots:

Maybe it’s my grade school memories of pink rain boots sloshing through rain puddles, but there’s something about rubber boots with bright, silly patterns that adds a girly spark to any outfit. If swimming fish patterns aren’t for you, go for a chic look with solid, bold colors.


Nothing makes my heart throb with pity more than a woman in a rainstorm being whisked away by her inverted umbrella that’s no longer protecting her cute hair ‘do and not-waterproof mascara from smudging across her face (this woman is usually me). Ladies, invest in a good umbrella! Cute and sturdy wins the race. Clear umbrellas are definitely in this season, as are bright colors you can mix and match with your rain boots.

Rain Jackets: 

Contrary to my childhood beliefs rain jackets aren't just poncho-looking potato sacks to throw over your outfit when it’s rainy outside. I’ve learned the investment of a good rain coat is awesome because most of the time they can double as just really cute jackets.  This season’s favorite looks vary from ombre style mid-length coats to short, sporty jackets in spring pastels.  


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