Summer Fashion Favorites: Part 3

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Posted by Gabrielle Anderson Thompson on June 17, 2013 at 11:58 AM

There's so much that's fabulous about summer fashion. While the other three seasons can blend together, summer is all about showing some skin and embracing new colors and patterns. We're obsessed with keeping up with the latest styles and trends, so our fashion expert Gabrielle Anderson Thompson is counting down her 21 favorites of this summer's fashion. 

The One Piece Bathing(Body)Suit

For some reason, the fashion world hasn’t quite caught on to the amazingness of the bodysuit. Consequently, this year round staple is almost always in short supply. Enter swimsuit season. The perfect time to opt for a one piece bathing suit that looks just as sexy when worn as a bodysuit under a pair of jeans, a long maxi skirt, or a short mini. There is nothing wrong with forcing your clothes to play double duty.

The Greek Sandal

Some variety of the greek sandal is always in style during summer, but this summer that version bears a more striking resemblance. I’m talking about the very flat sandals with traditional cuts and color, but with a modern and fun style. These sandals look great with basics like jeans, but also are sharp enough to rock with dresses for a more fancy look.

The Round Shade

In addition to the hugeness of reflector sunnies this season, the round frame sunglass is also making a splash in a major way. The round shade is loud in a subtle way -- because its a less common shape for a frame, you get noticed, but its not super crazy either. Plus, its a little bit hippie in that John Lennon kind of way, and for some reason, hippie never goes out of style.

The Gangsta Hat

Ok, this hat really isn't gangsta gangsta, its just gangsta. It has that Kevin Federline can't bend the bill thing going on, but in a ghetto fabulous kind of way that is totally acceptable. Pick one that makes a huge statement and pair it with a super sexy look to make it feminine and not really gangsta. Ok, I totally confused you by now with the gangsta part, but you know what I mean.

The Wedge With a Touch of Bright

Most summer wedges tend to fall in the neutral section of the color spectrum -- black or nude or gold or silver. Neutral is great because it matches with everything which means you only need to splurge on one great pair of wedges this season. But since neutral can also be a little boring, pick a neutral wedge with a a splash of an unexpected bright color. Since its mostly neutral, you will still be able to wear it with everything, but it's also fun and unexpected.

The Flower Crown

Whether or not you are hitting up a summer music festival this season, the flower crown is a trend you should try. It's hippie in the least offensive way possible, plus a little romantic. And you would be surprised how it can instantly cheer up an otherwise dull look. Plus, wearing one means you don't have to fuss too much with your hair.


Gabrielle, a self-professed fashion junkie, and the blogger behind Resort Rock Sugar  leads a dual life. Quite paradoxically, she spends her days in a downtown highrise office building as a busy civil litigation attorney, but you wouldn't guess it if you peeked inside her closet. There you would find everything from fringe tank tops to short leather mini dresses, essentially nothing she can wear to her 9 to 5, err, 8 to 8 job. On the weekends, when she isn't discovering hot new designers whilst hitting up her favorite shopping haunts in LA, or taking in the brilliant fashion that is LA's scenester crowd, she is documenting it all via her blog, and probably from a prime seat at the Coffee Bean on the corner of Beverly and Robertson, because in LA all you need to do is step outside to get a little fashion inspiration. 

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