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Posted by Gabrielle Anderson Thompson on May 9, 2012 at 10:13 AM

Ladies, we are on the verge of summer, which means that if you haven't done so yet, it's time to partake in one of my favorite activities: swimsuit shopping! Well, ok, maybe swimsuit shopping isn't the most fun ever, but once you find that perfect suit, you can start finding excuses to show it off, which includes, but is not limited to, planning a fabulous tropical vacation, throwing a low-key beach bonfire, or hitting up one of the sceney hotels in your city for a fancy sunday pool party. Before the fun starts, here is my advice to get you through the sometimes daunting task of swimwear shopping.


1. Ignore the size. Seriously. I know this is hard because as women, we fixate on size. But if you buy something too small just because you are in denial about your size, you are never going to feel confident or comfortable wearing it. And the key to looking amazing in swimwear is feeling confident. I’m fairly small, but I have a big butt, and in regular clothes I never wear a size large, but most of my bikini bottoms are a size large. I’ve got to have some coverage though, and if its too small or too tight its going to cut at the wrong places and make me look bigger than I actually am. Trust me. Ignore the size.

2. If you are small on top, consider a bandeau bikini top or a top with distractions like ruffles or fringe.Bandeau bikini tops are my absolute favorite, and small chested girls should feel lucky because they are made just for you. Definitely not a good look on a big chest.

3. Don’t worry about tan lines. People always complain about tan lines. I don’t get it. I think tan lines are sexy. Unless you are a lingerie model and can’t have some super obnoxious tan across your torso, when selecting a swimsuit, tan lines should not be a consideration. The reason being is that some of the cutest suits out there are suits with ornaments and rings and interesting cuts, and if you are worried about your body image, these little additions are welcome distractions. Besides, you should be slathering on enough SPF that tan lines shouldn’t be an issue anyway.

4. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. I never buy a bikini that isn’t sold as a separate, mainly because the size of my top does not correspond to the size of my bottom. Besides, there is no need to be matchy matchy. Oftentimes, I find bikini separates that run $80-$100 each. If that’s not within your budget, but you can afford to buy either the top or the bottom, buy whichever of the two is cuter or more unique and then find a cheap solid at Target. You can mix and match two solid colors as well.

5. Consider bathing suit options that can double as clothes. This might sound like a stretch, but trust me. I’ve seen countless one piece suits that would look amazing as body suits tucked into a pair of high waisted jeans or black pants. I’ve also seen bikini tops that would look great as a bra when you are wearing a plunging tank or crop top and can get away with a little exposure. Just stay away from options that tie or options that are too shiny and nobody will know you are wearing a bathing suit.

6. After purchasing the suit, and before you cut the tags off, try it on one time at home. Lighting makes a big difference, so don't fully commit until you are completely sure you like how it looks.

7. If you are bigger, don't assume that full coverage is always the most flattering. Sometimes, one-piece bathing suits look best on really thin girls and string bikinis look good on fuller figured women. In fact, I'd say the string bikini is probably one of the most universally flattering bathing suit options because it doesn't cut at any of the wrong places, which has a tendency to leave bulge.

8. Don't forget the shoes. Chunky wedges have an amazing way of making your legs look thinner and longer. I rock mine even at the beach. Yes, I said it. I wear wedges to the beach, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Rules are made to be broken.

Happy summer!!! XOXO

*Written By: Gabrielle, a self-professed fashion junkie, and the blogger behind Resort Rock Sugar, leads a dual life. Quite paradoxically, she spends her days in a downtown highrise office building as a busy civil litigation attorney, but you wouldn't guess it if you peeked inside her closet. There you would find everything from fringe tank tops to short leather mini dresses, essentially nothing she can wear to her 9 to 5, err, 8 to 8 job. On the weekends, when she isn't discovering hot new designers whilst hitting up her favorite shopping haunts in LA, or taking in the brilliant fashion that is LA's scenester crowd, she is documenting it all via her blog, and probably from a prime seat at the Coffee Bean on the corner of Beverly and Robertson, because in LA all you need to do is step outside to get a little fashion inspiration. 


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