The Best Eye Shadow Looks for Brown-Eyed Girls

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Posted by Casey Nicole on June 23, 2013 at 2:26 PM

Now there's no reason to ever get down for being born with brown eyes. I mean, come on, you brown-eye beauties have one of the cutest songs ever written about you, so embrace it. Brown eyes definitely do not mean boring. In fact, having a more neutral eye color actually makes it easier to pull off more colorful, and playful makeup looks, especially when it comes to shadow. 

When it comes to choosing the best eye shadow shades for brown eyes (or any color) turn to a color wheel. 

Now, when using the color wheel you need to remember that the colors positioned opposite one another are complementary colors. These will be most flattering and provide a striking contrast. The colors that are located right beside each other are called analogous colors and are also flattering, but enhance your eye color in a more natural way.  

Get over your fear of looking like a clown, and bring some color to your eyes. Don’t worry if the shades seem out of your comfort range; as long as the shadow is applied properly, you’ll enhance your eyes and look fabulous.

When referencing the color wheel, you’ll find that brown-eyed girls should try eye makeup in teals, blues, purples, and pinks in addition to neutrals like chocolates, bronzes, coppers, and taupes.

To further convince you, here are four of our favorite eye-makeup looks on brown-eyed ladies. 

Bronzed Brown

For an eye-catching look that’s perfect for the weekend, try this bronzed style. You’ll need a medium brown shadow, a dark brown shadow, a highlighter shade, and a shimmery golden shade.

Start by swiping the medium shade over the entire lid up to just above the point where the crease is. Then add your shimmery gold shade in the inner corner and center of the lids blending toward the outer edge. Then use your darkest shade to add depth to the crease and outer edge. Just use a thin, angled shadow brush to really control where you’re applying the shadow. Finally, finish with the highlighter shade near the brow and just a little under the eye to complete the look. Finish with black mascara. Voila!

Natural Smoky Eye 

Mila Kunis always has smoldering eyes on the red carpet. This muted smoky eye is just one example. You can acheive it yourself by following the same tips above, except switching out the gold and dark shadows for more neutral, taupe shades. 

A Swipe of Bright Blue

If you'd like to try out the bright eye makeup look, just do a swipe of blue eyeliner. Leave the rest of your face natural and your eye makeup will just pop. 

Illuminating Eyes

Audrina Patridge’s eyes are just captivating in this look! It looks like she started with some champagne and taupe shades on her lids. But, what really makes the look extra special is the little bit of a teal liner under the eyes. It takes the look from good to gorgeous.  

What shadow shades do you turn to to complement your eye color? To the non- brown-eyed ladies, don't worry-- we'll be featuring the best shadow looks for every eye color. Stay tuned!


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