The Best Ways to Reuse Perfume Bottles

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Posted by Marcela De Vivo on May 21, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Admit it, half of the time, we often make a purchase because the item is pretty, regardless of its usefulness. Or, it may be the case that we adore an item so much we finish it before we are ready to part with it. Sometimes, both can be the case, especially with those exquisite perfume bottles.

When you indulge in a luxurious-smelling and beautifully made perfume bottle, don’t throw it away once the perfume is all gone. Instead, you can recycle the bottle and showcase its loveliness even after its use.

You can make the bottles into pieces of art without adding decorations, but if you’re looking to add a little bit of flair, there are plenty of ideas to pick and choose from. For example, you can add crystal butterflies or flowers and stick them onto the bottles or place them strategically around them to frame the bottles’ beauty.

You can also simply add colored sand or water into the bottles to turn them into home décor to display on your tabletop or mantle.

Scour garage sales and antique stores for additional perfume bottles to start an elegant collection you can have out for display.

You can also turn the bottles into a whole new art project to give as handmade gifts. Paint the bottle, add charms and decorative ribbons and bows, and write personal messages on the bottles. Those who receive your gift can use the bottles of home decor themselves.

You can reuse a bottle for other scents too. Fill the bottle with an essential oil of one of your favorite fragrances. The essential oil can be one that can be worn on yourself or one you can use to aromatize any room in your home with a spritz.

Another method of adding fragrance to a room is through oil diffusers. After filling the bottle two-thirds full with your favorite essential oil, use a wick such as one made out of reed wood to diffuse the scent. The scent travels up and out of the wick to add fragrance to the room.

Just be sure to thoroughly wash out the bottle beforehand to ensure that the previous scent does not clash with the new one.

Do you love the original scent in the perfume bottle too much and aren’t ready to part with it? A nifty way to keep the bottle and scent around is by tucking the open bottle into your closet or drawer. The scent will permeate throughout the enclosed space, leaving your clothes with a touch of your favorite fragrance.

You can also showcase beauty with beauty by turning your perfume bottle into a glamorous vase. Add a few stems of your favorite, blossoming flowers into the bottle and place it on a dresser or windowsill – light bouncing off of the glass bottle will make for a pretty, glistening effect.

You can also make your perfume bottle into a prop for holding your jewelry. Mix and match rings and bracelets accordingly to bottle tops that are of a right size to hold them.

Regardless of the way you choose to reuse them, your perfume bottles will undoubtedly make for stunning statement pieces.

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