Tips to get rid of body odor

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Posted by Lovey Miller on June 18, 2013 at 5:08 AM

Tips to get rid of body odor:

With humidity levels rising day by day with the arrival of monsoon, perspiration has become a major problem that many of us have to deal with every day. It’s a major turnoff for majority of people, making their confidence down. In fact, sometimes it becomes a tough challenge to get rid of it. People do many tactics to get away from this problem but hardly succeed in their mission. We all perspire, but some of them amongst us sweat excessively.

This excessive sweating is known as hyperhidrosis, which can be hereditary or could be caused due because of hormonal imbalance, exercises, stress, spicy food intakes, or high emotional excitement. If you wish to smell as fresh as pansy without any hassle then read on further to know few simple tips that you can follow to ease out the problem.

Rinse out pollutants with water:
Water is a great element that not only cleanses your body but also avoids the underarm odor.  You should try to have showers at least two times in a day, especially during summer and monsoon time. It’s one of the best ways to stay germ-free that will help fight extreme sweating getting you rid of the unpleasant odor.

Put on the right clothes:
One should always wear right clothes according to his/her body size and type. This will help your skin to breathe properly. Also keep away from the fabrics that heat up the skin and create irritation, causing excessive sweating.

Lime and Lemony:
Lime is a great item that helps you reduce sweating. It avoid body odor and also bleach your under arm. Hence, rub one half of a lime that is not too ripe on your armpits. Don’t get worried if you may feel mild irritation after that. Caution: if you are suffering from rashes then avoid using lemon.

Spray on some freshness:
Various deodorants and antiperspirants, to some extent, do help in keeping body odor at bay, although it may not hold true for every person. Antiperspirants usually block the pores, which stops sweat to reach the surface of your skin. Though, they help in getting rid of perspiration almost instantly, but the chemicals present in them can cause side-effects like discolored skin and irritation.

Lose weight and minimize sweating:
In order to curb the body odor problem, start eating healthy food as much as you can. Additionally, indulge in various physical activities to keep your weight maintained if you are fit or to lose weight in case you if you are overweight as excess weight are one of the reasons of excessive sweating. If your body weight is normal then increase the fibre intake in your diet avoiding spices. Doing so will really help you to keep all the toxins away from your body.

Try vinegar to combat the problem:
Surprised? You might be, but trust me applying vinegar is a good way to get rid of body odor problems. Apply vinegar on the armpits before retiring to bed at night and allow it to dry naturally. Wash it off in the next morning during bath. In case you don’t have vinegar then you can also apply apple cider on your armpits to solve the problem of excessive sweating.

Visit your doctor:
If the above mentioned points didn’t help you out truly in combating body odor issues, then you should visit a doctor and get the test done to catch the exact cause for excessive sweating.

Hope, you will all find these tips useful and follow them rigorously on daily basis. If you have any further queries or liked the post then you can leave a comment or share it to make others also know about these useful tips.


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