Question: How many dates until sex?

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Posted by Anonymous on May 21, 2013 at 4:27 PM

so i recently started dating again and ive started seeing a guy i think its going well but i was wondering how long or how many dates should i wait to sleep with him? i dont want to sleep with him too early because i dont want to get used - he seems lovely but you never know! im really like him and have a strong attraction to him but i dont want to be just some girl.


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In all honesty, I don't think there can be a specific point or number of dates at which you should have sex; just wait until the moment feels right. There's no point rushing things as it will feel forced and you'll regret it, only you know how you feel when you are with him, and if the moment feels right then go for it, have some fun- but remember that if you get close to having sex and suddenly change your mind don't hesitate to tell him you want to wait. If he really wants to be with you he will appreciate your honesty and wait until you feel comfortable.
My personal rule when I'm dating a guy is that I don't sleep with him until I know it's an actual relationship. I feel that I'm worth at least that much commitment before I give myself over to a guy. After all, with all the pleasures and fun that come with sex, there are risks. As women if we sleep with every guy we go on a couple of dates with, out numbers and risks for all sorts of problems go up. Studies also say that the more partners you have, the less likely it is to find just one person that you can be satisfied with. So I guess from that whole perspective, once I know the guy is thinking more long term and it's a real relationship, it's worth jumping in and testing the waters.